Q & A

Q: Why do cats need their own furniture?

A:Cats are hunting animals that are naturally fond of scratching, climbing, and hiding. They sleep and rest two-thirds of the day. After playing for a while, they are easily exhausted. That's why cats need a safe and comfortable place to rest. Our cat furniture leaves spaces for cats to climb and scratch, without ruining your wooden table, chairs, or your favorite sofa. The best way to keep cats from scratching furniture is to give them a place to scratch.

Q:How do I choose the right furniture for my cat?

A:The best cat furniture size will give your cat just the perfect amount space to feel comfortable and safe. Natural materials are always the best choice for comfort and breathability; besides cotton, cardboard cat furniture is a great choice, too!

Q:Can soft paper cat houses withstand the impact from cats?

A:Hulumao paper cat furniture is made with thick kraft paper layered with corrugated cardboard. When kraft paper has been folded several times, it becomes very strong and stable. This has been confirmed by many cat lovers.

Q:Why not use glue or tape to assemble the furniture?

A:If glue or tape is used, at the end of the lifecycle of the paper cat furniture, it will be difficult to recycle. More importantly, if cats eat glue or tape by mistake, it will negatively affect their health.

Q:Not sure how to choose from our paper cat furniture?

A:There are open and covered styles of Hulumao paper cat furniture; each style includes a cardboard scratcher. The one that you choose just depends on your cat's personality or the space in your home.

Open style: Leave it by a window, and let your kitten enjoy basking in the sunlight and watching the birds.

Covered style: Suitable for cats to hide and sleep.

Q:Shredded paper is everywhere! Where can I buy a cardboard scratching board that doesn't require me to sweep the floor every day?

A:All of the cardboard scratching boards included in Hulumao's paper cat furniture models are designed to sink inwards upon being scratched. This keeps the paper scraps in the box; therefore, you don't need to sweep them up every day!