Your cat's purrs convey its trust.

Cats like to rest and explore. Out of curiosity, they will always try to touch or scratch whatever material they see that grabs their interest. Cats also rub against objects to transfer their scent and mark their territory. This feline need can be a problem for humans, so preparing spots and furniture for your kitty to scratch and snooze is essential.

The feature of the products

Diversified Products - Our products are designed with style in mind. You can choose either an open or covered style of cat furniture for your kitten. The products can be matched according to your cat's personality or to the interior design and available space in your house. 

Interlocking Joint Structure - Assembly by hand simply requires folding and snapping the pieces to fit together without the need for glue or tape. We suggest that you let your cat sit next to you and watch during the assembly process, so that it will feel more comfortable and willing to use its new furniture.

Coming with Scratchers All models of cat houses and beds come with replaceable scratchers.

Ease of Delivery - Our flattened design package is easy to ship and assemble, and makes a great gift for your own cat or for cat-loving friends.

Eco-Friendly - Our cat furniture is made with thick kraft paper on a structure of double layers of corrugated cardboard, which can withstand vigorous scratching from even the fiercest kitten claws. Damaged outer layers of the scratching board can be replaced so that as long as the frame is still strong, your cat can continue to use and enjoy its cat furniture. When the end of the product lifecycle has been reached, you can simply flatten and recycle it.


2021 Yep cat litter scoop, Bronze A'Design Award Winner, Italy 
2017 Diamond Bed, Golen A'Design Award Winner, Italy.
2017 Lounge Chair, Golde A'Design Award Winner,

"Our Brand Promise is to deliver products that are Unique, Interesting, Environmentally Friendly, and Durable."

After encountering their charms, many people fall in love with cats. Through time, the interaction and coexistence between cats and people have become ever closer. People accept the habit of cats biting, scratching, and jumping on and off furniture in the home. Cats have also learned to tolerate humans fussing over them all the time. However, living with cats still has some of its inconveniences, such as cats sharpening their claws everywhere or using the litter box improperly, which causes litter to fall all over the floor; and finding cat hair everywhere and on everything. Some cat owners also hate the smell of the litter box. Only continuous cleaning can solve all these inconveniences.

The designers at Hulumao want to make some changes to this arrangement! Arising from the concept of "the division of space," custom-made supplies and furniture just for cats keeps their scent contained in their own space!

We observed our cat's preferences and habits as a model, combined our observations with modern architectural aesthetic concepts, and designed a series of DIY cardboard cat furniture models with an included scratching board. Cats can sleep, rest and play within. Our cat furniture not only blends into the home space, but also allows your cat to be more relaxed and at ease.

We use natural and eco-friendly paper materials. No glue is needed during assembly; just simply fold and snap the pre-cut corrugated cardboard pieces into place. When the end of the product lifecycle has been reached, it can simply be flattened and recycled.

Hulumao cat furniture changes people's existing impression that corrugated cardboard is easy to break. Hulumao makes the most suitable size furniture for cats. Cats with different personalities need different furniture. During the design process, our designers put themselves in their cat's paws and created features to fit the needs and preferences of the cat.

We designed all materials to flatten for easy delivery, not only to reduce the size of the package, but also to make the shipping more convenient.

The design of the outer box packaging is eco-friendly. We use monochrome printing to minimize pollution while still retaining the beauty of our design. It is great for your own cats and it is also a great gift for your cat loving friends!